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About Us

Larsen (left) & Blake (right)

We are the owners and operators of Akamai Construction. We are designers and creators who became General Contractors so we could bring our ideas to life. Together we have years of experience in 3D design, woodwork, carpentry, fabrication, tile, masonry, concrete and much more.


As skilled labor continues to die, we pride ourselves in the quality of everything we do and in the skills we have spent years developing.  Every day in our industry, we see details fall through the cracks. We see a lack of communication and overall poor communication skills. We see good salesmen, but no follow-through. We have, and will continue to disrupt the “General Contractor” stereotype.

The name “Akamai” comes from a term used in Hawaii, where we both lived when our company was born. Akamai is used to describe someone or something as smart, clever or skillful. In Hawaii, we both worked in Business Development positions tied to retail companies, every new store buildout or remodel required us to work hand in hand with skilled trades and contractors, we were unhappy with the quality of work, the communication and the large project experience in general. On numerous occasions we had to step in and fix the workmanship. Eventually that led to the birth of our company.

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