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Outdoor Kitchens & Firepits

Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are a great addition to your home and backyard. After multiple projects, we were unhappy with conventional ways of framing a non-combustible kitchen or firepit. Our solution was to fabricate the frame in steel and create individual “modules”.

As a result, we can now offer our kitchens and firepit modules as a "kit". You can now design and build your own kitchen or firepit. You pick which modules you like and in what configuration. You then order them from our website, we build it off site, and deliver and attach the modules together when done.This means your yard will be under construction a fraction of the time and you can do all the finish work yourself! 

Our structures are now stronger and better in every way, opening up more design opportunities for you as our customer. We use 1" square metal tubing welded together to create the frame, and 1/2" cement backer board is then attached to the framing. The cement board is then ready to accept stucco, stone, tile or brick etc.


 For countertops, we recommend granite, quartz, or other solid surface material. If anything other than solid surface will be used, the kitchen modules will need to be ordered with cement-board on top.

Of course if you are not the DIY type, contact us and we will design and do the work for you!


We offer our fire pits in 3 different sizes, or will consider a custom size for an additional cost. Fire Pits come with a gap in the top to drop in a pre-built fire pan. We will include a link to a pan off Amazon. We will reach out within 2 business days after you submit your order to confirm the details and arrange payment. All orders come with free delivery to Washington County!


Outdoor Kitchens

Remember, we are more than happy to design and build you a custom kitchen! But if you would like to design and build your own, this is the place for you! Buying these modules, you're not just buying the framework for your entire kitchen, you're buying the research and experience put into them. The offsets, sizing, and spacing are ideal for both looks and functionality!

Each of our modules is the exact same depth, which means they can be arranged in countless orientations! We'll attach some example kitchens, but this is where you get to have fun and design exactly what YOU want. We will build each module off site, deliver them, and fasten or weld them together in the correct layout for your particular kitchen! After you place an order, we will reach out within 2 business days to confirm the details and arrange payment. All orders come with free delivery to Washington County!


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