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4' x 4' Firepit
  • 4' x 4' Firepit

    Give your backyard a custom look when you add your choice of materials to this firepit! Use a variety of materials; stacked stone, tile, or even stucco color matched to your house. Cap it off with a beautiful slab of granite, or maybe some larger tiles or engineered pavers. Designed so a firepit pan can drop right into the cutout section, just make your gas connections, drop in the pan, and fire away! Using the dimensions in the picture, order whichever pan you would like. Included is a link for a pan we have used in the past.



    The dimensions of the firpit are such that you can use a standard large format tile (12x24) as your top material. The width of a standard large format tile being around 11 3/4", if you run the pieces lengthwise you should have just enough tile for a 1" overhang. If you plan on doing tile on the top, be sure to order the model with cement backer board on top for the extra support.


    The smaller of our rectangular fire pits, we call this the 4' x 4', but the dimensions to the metal framing are 48.5" x 48.5". Keep in mind the footprint will actually be bigger once you include the attached backer board, your facing material, and the approximate 1 inch overhang of the top. Like all gas firepits, you will need to plumb in a key to turn the gas on and off. We will cut a 3/4" hole in the backerboard on the long side in the middle, unless you request the hole be in a specific location when placing your order. Included is a link to a recommended gas key.



    Please reach out if you have any questions!

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