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#15 - Bar Bracket

#15 - Bar Bracket

If you love entertaining, it's hard to imagine an outdoor kitchen without the addition of a bar! A bar helps create a comfortable gathering place so you don't have to cook without company.


The way we have designed and the way we build our modules has many many advantages, but one of our favorites is the strength and versatility it gives you when building a bar. Because of the high strenght of the 1" square tube, you are able to have your countertop seemingly float unsupported! This gives you a much cleaner look, and gives you more seating without any annoying support pillars.


Because each kitchen design is different, we will work with you individually to calculate how much your bar will cost. Just add a bar section to your cart before checking out! 


*NOTE It is possible but not easy to do a bar without using a granite/quartz material for the counter. We'll be happy to discuss your options!

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